Welcome to The Joint Replacement Center

Dr. Robert J. Tait is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in hip, knee, and shoulder arthritis and other painful disorders.

Dr. Tait is widely considered by his peers and patients as the premier joint care and replacement specialist in the Southwest and beyond. With an international clientele – and growing – Dr. Tait specializes in revolutionary techniques and procedures that could return you to a life of freedom and fulfillment.

As part of the Orthopaedic Institute of Henderson, The Joint Replacement Center enjoys a distinguished reputation for the highest quality care. You can expect our team to exceed your expectations and return you to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Video Testimonial

Case Study – Knee

Tom Mack is NFL Hall of Fame player after a 13 year career with the Los Angeles Rams. Hear how Tom was treated for debilitating arthritis with two knee replacements by Doctor Tait.

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Case Study – Hip

Carlos Gomez was thrown from a horse and broke his hip. Hear how Dr. Tait was able to provide treatment and provide Carlos with a second chance at doing what he loves.

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Case Study – Shoulder

Jerry Shapiro thought he was through playing golf. After receiving treatment for his shoulder from Dr. Tait in September, he was back on the course by the first of the year.

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Video Resources

Hear Dr. Tait answer all of your frequently asked questions regarding shoulder, hip and knee treatment plus helpful information for before and after your treatment.

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I seriously thought that I was through playing golf. It got to the point where I couldn’t even pick up a coffee cup. Everything has changed…I have total mobility…no pain in any direction. It’s as if I am 30 years old again! I can’t say enough about Dr. Tait. He’s the only person I would recommend. He’s the only person I would go back to should I ever injure myself again.–Jerry Shapiro, Patient

The smart move was to seek treatment from Dr. Tait. He was the one who was recommended by his peers and the many professionals I consulted with. I have him to thank for stabilizing my life and my career. He has replaced both my knees and saved my from debilitating arthritis.–Tom Mack, NFL Hall of Fame Patient

I am the kind of person that researches. I don't just go to any doctor. And everywhere I looked, Dr. Tait's name seem to pop up. After a successful hip replacement, I was able to get back to work in four weeks. I am back doing what I want to do. It's as if I got a second chance in life again.–Carlos Gomez, Patient